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Mt Rainier hides in the clouds above Tipsoo Lake at the top of Chinook Pass, Wa.
This view from the summit of Slate peak is from the highest drivable point in Washington State, at 7440ft.and the top of Hart's Pass- A fascinating story, the road was first constructed in the 1890's to service the gold and silver mines that prompted the near 1000 residents at the time to brave the elements and live here.  The road was "improved" in the 1950's to clear the way for the construction of a cold-war radar installation, but still clings precariously to the side of a cliff in several areas.  The top 41 feet of the mountain were blasted off to make room for construction and the original Fire Lookout torn down.  The Radar Installation was removed at the end of the cold war, and the current Fire Lookout sits atop a 41-foot structure to restore the original view.  The PCT runs right through this area, and several trails access the amazing Pasayten Wilderness area.  The vistas are spectacular in any direction and are worth the significant effort involved in getting here.
This view from the road up Hart's Pass, Wa...this road is not for the faint of heart, featuring significant drop-offs in the hundreds of feet and the occasional oncoming vehicle-usually at a very inconvenient spot where somebody is backing up/down a very narrow road with consequences ...
Clouds dancing among the ridge and mountain tops as snow squalls turn to showers to snow...North Cascades, Wa.
Fresh snow above Lyman Lake in North Cascades, a precursor of weather to come.
An old ore cart from the twenties lies dormant at Trinity Mine...interesting to see the now-unusual abbreviation for Washington State.
Gathering clouds signaling the end of our window of good weather...North Cascades, Wa.
Swapping stories of the day as the frost settles in...
The view from atop Marten Ridge, North Cascades, Wa.
The Sun throwing it's last vestiges of light across clouds at the top of Buck Peak near Trinity, North Cascades, Wa.
Everywhere I went within the North Cascades, the diversity and sheer volume of mushrooms was overwhelming...I was not brave enough to sample the wares.
The seemingly endless sea of peaks visible from anywhere within the Park
One of the many stunning Lakes in this region of the North Cascades, with waterfall after waterfall, filling Lake after Lake

The view across the pickets, North Cascades, Wa.