Monday, October 17, 2016

Fall is Harvest Time

 This time of year is the time of the PNW bounty!!  there are so many things ripe and ready for harvest and here is one!  This is Oregon's official state mushroom, the Golden Chanterelle.  Delicious and earthy, it is wonderful fresh, frozen, or even dried.  Getting out in the woods and going for a hike is such a great part of this iconic northwest activity.  I love going out with friends, or even by myself.  The joy of the first mushroom trip of the year is akin to being a child again; the restless anticipation, the "are we there yet" drive, the angst before you find a few wondering if the timing is right, or if someone found your spot.  And of course the fun when you see the first one, and you feel as if you have found an old friend..."hello! Sorry I am late"  

Fall Colors in the Upper Hood River Valley

 This is such an amazing time of year!  It is the time of Fall Foliage, harvests of all sorts of fun, and teasers of the Winter's recreational opportunities to come.  Here the Upper Hood River Valley shines resplendent in Autumn colors while the snow from a few early storms graces Mt. Hood.  Makes me want to bike, hike, and ski right now!

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Palouse Falls, Washington

 I was fortunate enough last weekend to be able to travel to Eastern Washington State near Spokane for a wedding.  An amazing couple and no question the #beckweddingever2016.  On the return journey from the wedding I decided to take a sidetrip to Palouse Falls, near the town of Washtucna.  This amazing geologic oddity is right flat square in the middle of nowhere, but that only adds to it's already significant charm.  You will notice that I have actually added no images of the falls themselves, but only the surrounding terrain.  I was amazed by how much there is to see here!  There are copious numbers of images of the falls in all conditions, but I did not see a ton of shots of the periphery terrain which I found to be just as beautiful as the falls themselves.  Still waters, golden hour light, very few people and deep blue skies left a lasting impression on me.  No wonder this is Washington State's official Waterfall!

These columnar basalt pillars guard over the top of the falls and remind me a lot of formations in the Crater Lake area in Oregon.  they willingly accept the very last vestiges of sunlight and are warm to the touch a half hour after sundown!