Monday, October 17, 2016

Fall is Harvest Time

 This time of year is the time of the PNW bounty!!  there are so many things ripe and ready for harvest and here is one!  This is Oregon's official state mushroom, the Golden Chanterelle.  Delicious and earthy, it is wonderful fresh, frozen, or even dried.  Getting out in the woods and going for a hike is such a great part of this iconic northwest activity.  I love going out with friends, or even by myself.  The joy of the first mushroom trip of the year is akin to being a child again; the restless anticipation, the "are we there yet" drive, the angst before you find a few wondering if the timing is right, or if someone found your spot.  And of course the fun when you see the first one, and you feel as if you have found an old friend..."hello! Sorry I am late"  

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