Friday, August 29, 2014

Surfer at Indian Beach

A surfer enjoys the break at Indian Beach, Or with The abandoned Tillamook Rock Lighthouse in the background.  This lighthouse is a fascinating story.  The mere construction of this structure took over two years to complete and claimed one life in the making.  Lighthouse workers were often stuck for months without provisions due to the incredible weather that just batters this rock.  Days before the completion of the lighthouse, a ship called the Laputa approached the coast in horrible conditions.  The men at the Rock attempted to warn her with an enormous bonfire to no avail as in the morning it was discoverd the Laputa had struck the coast and killed all 16 passengers with only the crew's dog surviving. A mile offshore, the Lighthouse was decommissioned in 1957 due to the fact that "terrible Tilly" was the most expensive Lighthouse to operate in the nation.

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