Tuesday, January 03, 2017

New Year's Retrospective

The New Year seems to always bring retrospectives and I am no different.  Here are a few favorites, new and old, from my year.  @himalayanskier in Pattycakes on Mt Hood, this has been such a unique snow year, many things are possible
 Sunset from Roach Bowl Mt Hood Meadows
 Love this shot of Broken Top at Sunrise...How many mornings have I toured out somewhere for a sunrise and gotten totally shut down, but mornings like this are why I continue to do it!  The Emotions that this shot evokes for me, the feelings, are similar to the ones I get from the work of photographers like Ralf Dujmovits.  Proud, for a moment, to feel in such company.
 Hanes Dam in Los Angeles because if you look hard enough, natural beauty really is all around you.
 Playtime for puppies in Portland anytime of year but especially in the wet winter months, has a tendency to end like this
@ghenarie doing a little conditions check at Mt Hood Medows.  He is sporting wings, and skis from Portland based ON3P Ski Co.  one of the few handmade ski companies making production quality skis.  Impressive that every pair of skis that comes off the line here is ready for the hill, no tuning or waxing necessary.

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